Who are we?

Welcome to SSTN. we are an online sustainable pantry specialising in wholefoods and artisan products.
The idea behind SSTN. is to purchase your wholefoods or herbs and spices in a pre labeled glass jar, then when you are running low you can order a refill which comes in a brown paper bag which you can then recycle. Our idea is to stop single use items and reduce general waste. We are rapidly running out of landfill sites, which means now more than ever we need to be smart with our home waste. Refill, reuse, recycle is our motto and everything in our shop follows these rules.
We have teamed up with some incredible artisan brands who also believe not only in sustainable living but honest products which taste incredible. Find our brands section here.


Founded by Kelsey Caira in January 2020, when there was more waste coming with the food than the actual food itself. "I've always tried to be conscious of what consumerism does to the planet and the waste it leaves behind and the impact it has on our future generations. I started creating my own pantry buying all sorts of jars and avoiding plastic bottles but it was difficult and I was still throwing away excess packaging, when I tried the greener route I lost the luxury in products and packaging. This is when SSTN. was born (sustain without the vowels.)

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