Roxie X SSTN. Herb & Spice Full Set

  • £150.00

The Roxie X SSTN. collection has gone above and beyond our expectations of how successful it could be. Thankyou! To make things a bit easier for you guys, we have put together the full set of 32 Herbs and Spice jars which include;

Basil/Oregano/Thyme/Sage/Rosemary/Coriander/Mint/Mixed Herbs/Dill/Bay leaves/Parsley/Chives/Fennel/Cumin/Chilli flakes/Cardamom/Chilli powder/Cinnamon/Ginger/Paprika/Smoked paprika/Turmeric/Nutmeg/Curry powder/Salt/Pepper/Cayenne pepper/Garlic Salt/Allspice/Garam Masala/Cloves/everyday seasoning. 

Jars- 6.5cm X 8cm/ 150ml capacity/ glass jars with bamboo lid

Lables- 3.5cm X 4cm/ White, Matt Vinyl, Wipeable, High res (not dishwasher proof) 

Please note: This is for the jars and labels only, please head to our herbs and spices range for contents in SSTN.refill