Climpson & Sons Las Piedras Beans

  • £9.50

Flavour Profile

Liquorice, Watermelon, Blackberry

The latest single origin arrives to us fresh from Huila’s December-January harvest cycle. This also marks our first lot from Colombia’s Cedro Alto Collective, in this case representing producer Rodrigo Perafan and his farm Las Piedras. Expect classic flavours of liquorice and brown sugar underpinning a subtle melon and berry acidity.
Finca Las Piedras is located near the town of La Argentina within the Huila department of Southern Colombia. Here producer Rodrigo Perafan grows Caturra, Colombia and Geisha varieties amongst native shade trees. The small scale of his farm does not make it viable to harvest and separate these varieties. Instead the more classic Caturra and Colombia adds a worthwhile heft and texture to the brightness and floral characteristics of Geisha. Processed in the classic washed style the coffee is then dried on raised beds and delivered to Cedro Alto for grading and export preparation.
Cedro Alto and their import partners are promoting a unique degree of financial transparency to illustrate the costs of production at various stages of the supply chain. This highlights the value and security they can provide farmers in comparison to the open commodity market.