Climpson & Sons Broadway Blend Beans

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Flavour Profile

Maple Syrup, Blood Orange, Cacao Nibs

As Central America begins picking the 2020 crop we arrive at our last coffees from the 2019 harvest. Both are as balanced as they are sustainable with these producers offering a reliable base of body, sweetness and intensity - a classic combination to see us through the colder months. #drinklikealocal

The Sierra Norte region of Oaxaca sits on the Southern Mexican mountain range running between Oaxaca and Veracruz. A more pinpoint location for this particular coffee is the communities of Santo Domingo Cacalotepec and San Juan Juquila Vijanos. Here a group of neighbouring farmers, led by producer Florentino Mireles, form the Juquila Community Group and collectively process their micro-regional coffee. The area is about as remote as it sounds and the majority of locals are still of indigeneous Zapotec and Mixe descent. The native languages have survived alongside the unique environment with the region seen as a shining example of preserved biodiversity. Organic farming practices work with nature and their resulting crop is a clean expression of Typica and Bourbon varieties.

Heading 1,000 km South-East to Honduras is the COMSA Cooperative, a growing collective of neighbouring farmers set in Marcala, La Paz. Starting in 2001 with 69 local producers COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala) set out to improve their communities coffee and livelihoods through sustainable organic production. Now they represent over 1,200 members and provide training in organic farm regeneration, water management and wildlife conservation. The improved quality and prices continue to motivate producing families and act as a beacon of inspiration as to the long-term sustainability of organic specialty practices.